[IronPython] Trac, Genshi, AST, etc.

Srepfler Srgjan srgjan.srepfler at lnksystem.com
Thu Sep 14 17:02:41 CEST 2006

M. David Peterson wrote:
> One thing that occured to me:  Another possibility is to the use the 
> javahl code base that ships with Subversion, run it through the 
> IKVM.NET <http://IKVM.NET> (http://weblog.ikvm.net 
> <http://weblog.ikvm.net> for the latest bits) ikvmc compiler, and then 
> utilize the resulting assembly as the interface into SVN.  It seems 
> that one key advantage to this approach is the fact that the javahl 
> bindings are more likely to be up-to-date with the latest features of 
> SVN.
Also I'd check it with J# as well.

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