[IronPython] monodevelop files for IronPython

Anthony Baxter anthonybaxter at gmail.com
Tue Sep 26 16:22:07 CEST 2006

It appears that Monodevelop chokes and dies on the version of Visual
Studio used for IronPython. So I recreated the project using
MonoDevelop's own formats. The following link contains a tarball that
can be unpacked over the top of the IronPython source tree to make it
all "just work" in monodevelop. This is using monodevelop 0.12, the
version that ships with mono I doubt that earlier versions
will work.

I had to make a single change to the IronPython source to get it to
build - I had to comment out line 529 of
            /*Label beforeFinally = cg.DefineLabel();*/
as monodevelop complained that 'beforeFinally' was defined yet unused,
and for some reason it considers this an error.

Anyway, to use this, grab the IronPython source (I used the IPCE
patched version), and cd to the new directory (so you should have a
'Src' directory in the current directory). Then unpack, and run
"monodevelop Src/FePy.mds" - if you run 'build solution', you'll find
the output in Src/bin/Debug/ipy.exe (or Src/bin/Release/ipy.exe)

The link: http://www.interlink.com.au/anthony/tech/ironpython/IPCE-1.0r1-monodevelop.tgz

Hope this is also useful to other people, and please let me know if
you find any problems or have any suggestions.

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