[IronPython] Question about using IronPython in C#

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Fri Apr 6 11:47:40 CEST 2007

As a C+ newbie.
I am tring to write the MSN add-in in C# and use IronPython (Python, my
favorite) actually.
The following code can be compiled successfully (in VC# Studio).
But it fails to be imported to be Messenger Add-in.
The problem happens to create PythonEngine in Initialize().
Any Hints?
Thanks in advance.


using System;
using Microsoft.Messenger;
using IronPython.Hosting;
namespace MyAddIn
    public class AddIn: IMessengerAddIn
        MessengerClient _mclient = null;
        public void Initialize(MessengerClient mclient){
            PythonEngine engine = new PythonEngine(); // If this line
disabled, to be imported in Messenger will be fine.
            _mclient = mclient;
            _mclient.AddInProperties.FriendlyName = "My Bot 2";
            _mclient.AddInProperties.Creator = "My Name";
            _mclient.AddInProperties.Description = "Bot for testing";
            _mclient.AddInProperties.Url = new Uri(http://www.google.com);
            _mclient.IncomingTextMessage += new
        void IncomingTextMessageHandler(object
sender,IncomingTextMessageEventArgs args){
            _mclient.SendTextMessage("What you said:"+args.TextMessage,
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