[IronPython] putting ironpython on backend, access through browser

David Jensen davidjensen at usa.net
Sat Apr 7 17:23:54 CEST 2007

I would like to have a window in a browser, similar to telnet, but not the
telnet that is included in some browser installations, access the IronPython
dll on the backend for interactive Python interpreting. I assume the exe that
comes with IronPython does nothing but access the dll that comes with it. Can
I do this? If so, how? I would like to send files (text files from document
databases) to the backend and use Python to modify them.

I use Python in preference to c# because it is much easier, among other
things. The shared web hosting service that I use do not allow anything
(regular Python) but components on the back end and does not allow telnet to a
windows server. (by the way, I cannot do a browser ftp if I use their Linux
backend) I can edit Python scripts using the an HTML editor that works in a
web page or a similar HTML/JavaScript text editor and I can ftp files to the
backend using Internet Explorer. I am trying to do this on client computers
that do not allow executables. My web hosting service said it does not check
components(dlls?) unless they cause trouble with their system. IronPython
could access their file system, but I do not intend to intrude on it. I assume
I would find these policies on other shared hosting services.

This setup could also be better that the regular Python on the backend even if
I had a dedicated server, because it can integrate with the Foundation Class

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