[IronPython] Callback per statement

Markus Hajek markus.hajek at teamvienna.at
Tue Apr 17 08:37:52 CEST 2007

Thanks a million, I'll start experimenting with that right away. Looks just
exactly like what I need, thanks again.




Markus Hajek

Team Vienna - Kazemi, Hajek & Pisarik OG


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It is not possible to do this without change to code generation at this
point. Essentially you could do something like this:


public class MyCallbackClass {

    public void MyCallback() {





And then emit call to this utility wherever you like:



You can then control the granularity at which you call this. Per statement,
or even per expression (I am a bit confused about your mention of operators
below, whether you want to do this for each expression, but it is certainly
possible as well).


For starters, what you could easily do to get feel for things would be to
modify SuiteStatement's Emit method (which only loops through enclosed
statements and emits each of them) and add the above "cg.EmitCall" for each
statement, run your repro, say:


X = 1

X = 2

X = 3


And put breakpoint in the "MyCallback", or better yet, run the repro:


Ipy.exe -X:SaveAssemblies x.py


And examine the x.exe we'll generate with ildasm or reflector. Then you can
add calls to your callbacks wherever desired.


Hope this helps




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is there a way to execute a callback whenever a Python statement is about to
be executed (or just has executed)? With Python statements, I mean method
calls, operators, assignments.

And if there's no such way, how would I have to go about changing code
generation to facilitate that?

Many thanks,

Markus Hajek

Team Vienna - Kazemi, Hajek & Pisarik OG

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