[IronPython] IronPython v1.1 Released!

Dino Viehland dinov at exchange.microsoft.com
Tue Apr 17 23:43:38 CEST 2007

Hello IronPython Community,

We have just released IronPython 1.1. It started out as the work on v1.0 started to wind down. We could not get the features ready before we started locking down for the v1.0 release but we're happy we can finally include them - as will be our summer interns who worked on some of these features and many of the modules during their stay with us. After that we have been looking at the most requested bug fixes and new features from the community. Based upon this feedback we've fixed a large number of bugs, greatly improved compatibility of some of the built-in modules, and a few other new features such as XML doc comments and the array module.

IronPython v1.1 is a minor update to IronPython including both new functionality as fixes for the most voted for bugs. The new functionality in v1.1 includes several new modules (array, SHA, MD5, and select), support for .NET XML Doc comments within the help system and doc tags, as well as support for loading cached pre-compiled modules. This release improves compatibility with CPython and gives the .NET developer a better interactive experience.

You can download the release from: http://www.codeplex.com/IronPython/Release/ProjectReleases.aspx?ReleaseId=2573

We'd like to thank everyone in the community for your bug reports and suggestions that helped make this a better release: Arman0, Anthony Baxter, Christopher Baus, Christian Muirhead, Coleyc, Diane Trout, Doubleyewdee, Eloff, J. Merrill, JoeSox, Jörgen Stenarson, Michael Foord, Mike Raath, Py_Sunil, Seo Sanghyeon, Sylvain Hellegouarch, sophros, Tarlano, and Whit537.

More complete list of changes and bug fixes:
CodePlex bug #1216: ironpython shows different error msgs when we use cpython's os module
CodePlex bug #1403 int.dict0=0
CodePlex bug #2704 import and packages aren't mixing well
CodePlex bug #5083 operator.contains is broken
CodePlex bug #5445 socket.getaddrinfo(...) does not throw on nonsense parameters
CodePlex bug #5446 socket.getaddrinfo(...) proto parameter CodePlex bug #5566 base64 slash bug
CodePlex bug #5609 (Py2.5) File lacks enter and exit
CodePlex bug #5641 co_name in code objects is None
CodePlex bug #5712 iterating over main.dict throws
CodePlex bug #5904 Multi-line dictionary expressions in IP interpreter console not compatible w/ CPython Interpreter console CodePlex bug #6010 UnicodeErrorInit sets @object instead of object
CodePlex bug #6142 Setting func_name on function doesn't show up in name
CodePlex bug #6265 maxsplit keyword arg of re.split not accepted
CodePlex bug #6704 globals().fromkeys(...) broken
CodePlex bug #6706 globals().Values enumerator broken
CodePlex bug #6735 help incorrectly displays arguments for params functions
CodePlex bug #6805 funccode.coargcount and funccode.coflags are wrong
CodePlex bug #7532 func_defaults is empty tuple when there are no defaults
CodePlex bug #7982 ^L yields SyntaxError CodePlex bug #7827 IronPython thread module does not implement stack_size
CodePlex bug #7828 IronPython lock type does not support context manager methods
Support importing pre-compiled modules produced when running in -X:SaveAssemblies mode
Enable inheritance of static op_Implicit implicit conversion operators on .NET types
Fixed tracebacks when catching exceptions in the method that threw them and a few other fixes here
Bugfix: 4859 datetime.date.str broken
Bugfix: 4870 datetime.datetime.isoformat does not report microseconds
Bugfix: 5148 datetime.time(..., None).tzname() returns '' instead of None
Bugfix: Bugfix: 5146 datetime.time(...).isoformat() does not work
Bugfix: 4860 datetime.datetime.* only accurate to 1000 microseconds
Bugfix: 3850 datetime.datetime(...) allows negative microsecond parameter
Bugfix: 5147 datetime.time(..., None).utcoffset() returns 0 instead of None
Bugfix: 5145 datetime.time.resolution is the wrong type
Bugfix: 5143 datetime.time(...) allows parameters < time.min and > time.max
Bugfix: 5139 datetime.timedelta and datetime.time objects should work correctly in boolean contexts
Bugfix: 5133 datetime.timedelta.* does not normalize negative parameters and return values
Bugfix: 5132 datetime.timedelta(...) constructor does not round off floating point parameters correctly
Bugfix: 4871 datetime.timedelta.init does not accept the 4 optional keyword parameters
Bugfix: 4868 datetime.datetime.timetuple returns an incorrect value
Bugfix: 4867 datetime.datetime.tzname returns incorrect value if tzinfo member is None
Bugfix: 4866 datetime.datetime.resolution is of the wrong type
Bugfix: 4865 datetime.datetime.cmp broken for datetime.datetime.max
Bugfix: 4864 datetime.datetime.max has the wrong value for the microsecond member
Bugfix: 4863 datetime.datetime.init(...) defaults the hour keyword param to 1 (should be 0)
Bugfix: 4861 datetime.timedelta + datetime.datetime throws a TypeError
Bugfix: 3990 datetime.timedelta member attributes out of range
Bugfix: 5149 datetime.timdelta(...) does not add fractional microseconds correctly
Bugfix: 5136 datetime.timedelta.min(imum), datetime.timedelta.max(imum), and datetime.timedelta.resolution all have incorrect values
Bugfix: 5135 datetime.timedelta.min and datetime.timedelta.max are missing
Bugfix: 4858 datetime.date.reduce broken
Bugfix 7426: in operator doesn't check for overloaded contains on dictionary
Implemented array module
Bugfix: KeyboardInterrupt propagates after except block that catches it
Bugfix: Compiled regex gets different results for findall then non-compiled
Bugfix: regex match doesn't implement lastgroup
Bugfix: Import in exec doesn't publish into provided dictionary
Bugfix: Lacking file open() modes (at, rt, etc...)
Bugfix: PythonBinaryReader shouldn't access Position if stream isn't seekable
Bugfix: Cannot pass arbitrary sequence to method defined w/ both * and ** args
Bugfix: rb+ mode on file not implemented
Bugfix: improved thread safety of dictionaries
Bugfix: KeyError from dict adds quotes (and doesn't contain original key, only string repr)
Bugfix: del {None:23} raises a TypeError
Support for external region blocks when producing errors
Bugfix: line number information in VS SDK is incorrect for web projects
Support for Python 2.5 unified try/except/finally
Support for Python 2.5 yield from finally block
help supports documentation on reflected fields, properties, and events
Support for XML Doc comments (requires XML files to live next to DLLs) for help and doc
Nt module implements spawnle, spawnv, spawnve functions
Socket implements makefile function
Support for picking exception instances
Fix issue with metaclass & deriving from mixed new-style / old-style classes
Implement select module
Implement sha module
Implement md5 module
Add new tests for codecs and CLR numeric interop

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