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#1) After creating a module you should be able to publish the object directly into the module's scope. The normal CreateModule APIs allow you to provide a dictionary which could already contain this object.  Unfortunately all the objects members won't be magically available, you'll need to access the members through the object.  You could execute some python code such as:

import sys
mymod = sys.modules[__name__]
for x in dir(myobj):
        setattr(mymod, x, getattr(myobj, x))

which will copy all the members from the object into the module (you could also do the equivalent from C# using Ops.GetAttrNames, Ops.GetAttr, and Ops.SetAttr).

#2 - yes, to do this you just need to add a reference to the assembly and import the type from the correct namespace.  E.g.:

import clr
from System.Windows.Forms import Form

class MyForm(Form): pass

a = MyForm()

#3 - There's a couple of ways to do this.  You could use the CreateMethod / CreateLambda APIs which will return a strongly typed delegate w/ some code you can later call.  You can also use the CompiledCode method and the Execute method will re-run it.  The overload that takes an EngineModule allows you to execute the code multiple times with a different set of globals.

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I'm new to IronPython and I have a few qusetions:
1. Is there an option to add a context object to the compiled module (so all
properties and methods from the object will be accesible)
2. Can a python class inherit from a class located in some referenced .net
3. Can I save compiled code in memory and use it to evaluate code multiple
times? I've seen there is a CompiledCode object but I saw only an Execute

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