[IronPython] Problem loading lastest IronPython Solution (Change Set 25569)

Ryan Dawson rdawson at exchange.microsoft.com
Mon Aug 20 20:12:06 CEST 2007

Thanks for the report Richard.  I've just pushed an update to the Codeplex source that includes a fix for this.  We have a different layout internally than we do on Codeplex and this was an artifact of our scripts to transform the two.


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Hi All,

I've tried loading the latest checkin of the Iron Python solution (Change Set 25569), however Visual Studio complains about some malformed xml in 2 of the project files.

The first being in IronPython.Modules.csproj. The error is:
The project file could not be loaded. The 'ItemGroup' start tag on line 101 does not match the end tag of 'None'. Line 103, position 7.

The second being in Microsoft.Scripting.csproj. It's the same error however on a different line, 471.

Both ItemGroups appear to be trying to establish a path to a Strong Name Key file.

Below is the invalid node content:


If you remove the offending ItemGroup node from each file the problem is resolved and the solution & projects will load successfully.

Richard Ertel

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