[IronPython] [python] Re: IronPython 1.1.1 wish-list?

Michael Foord fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk
Sun Dec 23 18:25:21 CET 2007

(Sorry to reply to this one - lost the original.)

Resolver is based on IronPython 1.1 - and in our test suite we have a 
set of IronPython bug tests for bugs that have affected us and that we 
have had to work around. Fixing these would be great.

These include (note that the tests all pass - they will fail as soon as 
the bugs are fixed so that we know to remove our workarounds. To see the 
correct behaviour you should reverse the asserts):

    def testExceptionRaisedInWrongPlace(self):
        class AttributeTest(object):
            def __getattr__(self, name):
                raise AttributeError('wibble')

        except AttributeError, a:
            self.assertEquals(a.msg, 'fish', "AttributeError fixed")

    def testGetAttr(self):
        class Broken(object):
            def __getattr__(self, name):
                raise AttributeError(name)

        except AttributeError:
            self.fail("IronPython bug fixed")

    def testComparingClrObjects(self):
        self.assertNotEquals([Color.Red], [Color.Red], "IronPython has 
fixed comparing clr objects in lists.")

    def testComparingSingles(self):
        self.assertFalse(1 <= Single(2.0) <= 3, "IronPython bug fixed.")

    def testCallableWithKWArgs(self):
        # IronPython bug #8246
        class F(object):
            def __call__(self, *args, **kwargs):
                print args, kwargs

        f = F()
        # Search for __call__ to find workarounds for this problem - as 
of this writing
        # there is at least one use in Listener.wrap()
        self.assertRaises(Exception, lambda : f(*(1,), **{'a' : 23}))

    def testConvertFloatToLongAndFloat(self):
        self.assertFalse(hasattr(5.0, "__float__"), "Floats now have a 
__float__ attribute")
        self.assertFalse(hasattr(5.0, "__long__"), "Floats now have a 
__long__ attribute")

One that affects our user code:

"Array doesn't have methods w/o importing clr" - Item #       11971

We would love to see all these bugs fixed in the stable version of 
IronPython. :-)

Many of these are fixed in IP 2 already.

Many Thanks

Michael Foord

HEMMI, Shigeru wrote:
> Hello,
> If the bug,
> http://lists.ironpython.com/htdig.cgi/users-ironpython.com/2007-February/004500.html
> is fixed or somebody shows me a good example how to inherit "file"
> class in IronPython
> 1.1,  I will be happy.
> 2nd, please provide quit() function, which eases my interactive
> IronPython  session.
> Regards,
> 2007/12/18, Dino Viehland <dinov at exchange.microsoft.com>:
>> Are there any particular bugs you'd like to see fixed in IronPython 1.1.1?
>> We're planning on updating the 1.1 release w/ a targeted set of bug fixes.
>> Unfortunately we've started to use the CodePlex bug list to track primarily
>> 2.0 bugs.  We can still use this to find the highest ranked bugs that aren't
>> fixed in v1.1 and target those to be back ported – but it's possible we
>> might miss something important.  So I'd thought I'd ask: what do you want
>> fixed?
>> Note the idea here is to keep these fixes small and keep the release stable,
>> so please no fix "type(type) is type" J.  And of course if you don't know
>> how bad it'll be feel free to suggest it anyway.  Thanks!
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