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J. Merrill jvm_cop at spamcop.net
Thu Feb 8 19:51:28 CET 2007

Yes, you could write the web service with IronPython -- but a web service might not be an appropriate way to provide the 3rd-party product's API.  For example, if you're expected to create objects of particular types declared in the API and call methods on those objects, you would need to figure out how to maintain the "state" associated with those objects.  Only if the API is not particularly object-oriented, or if it's particularly stateless, would a web service be a desirable way to provide the interface.

Is the product available for .Net 1.1 or only for .Net 2?  I ask because there is a "call .Net from (not-Iron) Python" mechanism that's well tested for .Net 1.1, but the .Net 2 version has not been provided in "usable by normal people" form yet.  (Some people with strong .Net 2 skills have made it work for them, but none AFAIK have made what they did available.  The .Net 2 version in its unfinished state is available in the svn repository.)


Good luck.

At 11:43 AM 2/8/2007, Tom Jenkins wrote
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>Hello all,
>We have a requirement to integrate a 3rd party product into our system.
> This 3rd party product is written in C#.  Its engine is available
>through a set of dlls.
>Our system does not run on .NET; its a zope app.
>What we would like to do is put up a web service in front of the 3rd
>party product that our system talks to.  The web service would import
>and use the dlls to run the engine.
>Can we use IronPython to write the web service?  Is this a feasible
>scenario?  Or do we have to go with a C# implementation?
>Thanks in advance.
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