[IronPython] Looping in IronPython - should it be linear?

Steve Chadwick steve.chadwick at gmail.com
Thu Feb 15 04:43:36 CET 2007

        I am new to IP, and I have a silly post.  I am sure that someone
might be able to help me understand what is happening here (I am truly
impressed with the technical depth of this forum).  In trying to learn the
language, one of the things I do is just run a quick looping experiment and
measure the time it takes to execute N iterations.  Up to this point, I have
always gotten a trend that is linear, which makes sense.  
        However, the below graph isn't linear, and I am puzzled as to why.
The graph seems to suggest that the distribution has an exponential
component to it.  I have tested this on a couple of windows systems and this
wasn't a fluke.  Granted, the version of IP that I am using isn't the
latest/greatest, but regardless of versioning, I am trying to understand the
mechanism.  Thanks for any thoughts, and my apologies if this turns out to
be a silly post.
Steve Chadwick
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