[IronPython] IronPython 1.1 Beta 1 Released

Dino Viehland dinov at exchange.microsoft.com
Wed Feb 21 23:45:14 CET 2007

Hello IronPython Community,

We have just released IronPython 1.1 Beta 1.  This release primarily focuses on adding the remaining new functionality for the 1.1 release (array module, importing pre-compiled modules) along with many new bug fixes.  Also included but previously available with 1.1 Alpha 1 are the new XML Doc comment integration with the help system, the SHA, MD5, and select modules.  The remaining of the 1.1 cycle will focus on bug fixes.
You can download the release from: http://www.codeplex.com/IronPython/Release/ProjectReleases.aspx?ReleaseId=1944

We'd like to thank everyone in the community for your bug reports and suggestions that helped make this a better release: J. Merrill, Coleyc, JoeSox, Michael Foord, Seo Sanghyeon, and Sylvain Hellegouarch.

More complete list of changes and bug fixes:
Support importing pre-compiled modules produced when running in -X:SaveAssemblies mode
Enable inheritance of static op_Implicit implicit conversion operators on .NET types
Fixed tracebacks when catching exceptions in the method that threw them and a few other fixes here
Bugfix: 4859 datetime.date.__str__ broken
Bugfix: 4870 datetime.datetime.isoformat does not report microseconds
Bugfix: 5148 datetime.time(..., None).tzname() returns '' instead of None
Bugfix: Bugfix: 5146 datetime.time(...).isoformat() does not work
Bugfix: 4860 datetime.datetime.* only accurate to 1000 microseconds
Bugfix: 3850 datetime.datetime(...) allows negative microsecond parameter
Bugfix: 5147 datetime.time(..., None).utcoffset() returns 0 instead of None
Bugfix: 5145 datetime.time.resolution is the wrong type
Bugfix: 5143 datetime.time(...) allows parameters < time.min and > time.max
Bugfix: 5139 datetime.timedelta and datetime.time objects should work correctly in boolean contexts
Bugfix: 5133 datetime.timedelta.* does not normalize negative parameters and return values
Bugfix: 5132 datetime.timedelta(...) constructor does not round off floating point parameters correctly
Bugfix: 4871 datetime.timedelta.__init__ does not accept the 4 optional keyword parameters
Bugfix: 4868 datetime.datetime.timetuple returns an incorrect value
Bugfix: 4867 datetime.datetime.tzname returns incorrect value if tzinfo member is None
Bugfix: 4866 datetime.datetime.resolution is of the wrong type
Bugfix: 4865 datetime.datetime.__cmp__ broken for datetime.datetime.max
Bugfix: 4864 datetime.datetime.max has the wrong value for the microsecond member
Bugfix: 4863 datetime.datetime.__init__(...) defaults the hour keyword param to 1 (should be 0)
Bugfix: 4861 datetime.timedelta + datetime.datetime throws a TypeError
Bugfix: 3990 datetime.timedelta member attributes out of range
Bugfix: 5149 datetime.timdelta(...) does not add fractional microseconds correctly
Bugfix: 5136 datetime.timedelta.min(imum), datetime.timedelta.max(imum), and datetime.timedelta.resolution all have incorrect values
Bugfix: 5135 datetime.timedelta.min and datetime.timedelta.max are missing
Bugfix: 4858 datetime.date.__reduce__ broken
Bugfix 7426: in operator doesn't check for overloaded __contains__ on dictionary
Implemented array module

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