[IronPython] array.fromfile

JoeSox joesox at gmail.com
Thu Feb 22 07:15:24 CET 2007

IronPython Team,

Thanks for the thanks.  The array.cs is a great addition to IronPython.
I just completed some testing with my ConceptNet C# library, which was
using its own array.py to get things done.

Testing with the IP array, I am getting an exception thrown ("file not
large enough") performing a .fromfile on a unicode file (I think it is
a unicode. It is a .mdf file from MIT's montylingua).

I am guessing this is the problem since it is not a str file.  Does
this sound correct?

The fileptr and length are the same values being passed (stepping thru
a Python run and an IronPython run)

array_ptr = array('L')

file_ptr	{<open file 'C:\Documents and Settings\Joseph\My
Projects\conceptnet2.1\montylingua\FASTLEXICON_3.MDF', mode 'rb' at
0x0337843A>}	object {IronPython.Runtime.PythonFile}

length	260759	object {int}

Thanks again,

On 2/21/07, Dino Viehland <dinov at exchange.microsoft.com> wrote:
> Hello IronPython Community,
> We have just released IronPython 1.1 Beta 1.  This release primarily focuses on adding the remaining new functionality for the 1.1 release (array module, importing pre-compiled modules) along with many new bug fixes.  Also included but previously available with 1.1 Alpha 1 are the new XML Doc comment integration with the help system, the SHA, MD5, and select modules.  The remaining of the 1.1 cycle will focus on bug fixes.
> You can download the release from: http://www.codeplex.com/IronPython/Release/ProjectReleases.aspx?ReleaseId=1944
> We'd like to thank everyone in the community for your bug reports and suggestions that helped make this a better release: J. Merrill, Coleyc, JoeSox, Michael Foord, Seo Sanghyeon, and Sylvain Hellegouarch.
> More complete list of changes and bug fixes:
> ============================================
> Implemented array module

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