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Wed Jul 11 01:25:06 CEST 2007

On 7/10/07, Ken Manheimer <ken.manheimer at gmail.com> wrote:
> the elementary structures by which computations can be stored for later
> continuation are called just that - continuations.  closures, on the other
> hand, are an organization of program state that can be associated with an
> object - typically to implement static scoping, as was done for python
> functions and methods around, someone said, python 2.1.  i seem to recall
> that ruby manifests blocks as first class objects, and associates closures
> with them, as well.

Ugg!  Hey Curt, we're now twins! ;-)

Yep, I most definitely confused things here.  Thanks for the correction!

(continuations are interesting, but mostly in the abstract - they're not
> generally of interest for direct use by programmers.  they're the mother of
> all control flow structures - all the others can be expressed and built
> using them, but they're very low-level - you would hardly ever want to
> program with them directly. stackless python uses (used?) them as a key
> means of building the other flow control structures without using the
> machine (c, in that case) stack, and they enable economies for massive
> parallelism that most of us don't need (and couldn't handle without major
> attention).  generators provide the means to express much of what
> programmers practically want in this vein, and the recent refinements to
> enable use of generators as coroutines (pep 342<http://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0342/>)
> covers most of the rest.  how these structures map to parallelism are up to
> the language implementation.  guido has been actively disinterested in
> incorporating continuations to the python definition, for various reasons,
> and i don't expect that to change.)

Yep. this all makes sense.

i couldn't resist this clarification, and hope i haven't mistaken what you
> were saying (or, what i'm saying:-).

Nope, you are right on the money.  I said closures, but meant
continuations.  Thanks for correcting me!


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