[IronPython] how do i get the ScriptModule for __main__

Stefan Dobrev stefan.dobrev at gmail.com
Tue Jul 17 11:16:35 CEST 2007

You have to create the current main module with:

ScriptDomainManager.CurrentManager.CreateModule( "__main__" );

Hope this helps,
Stefan Dobrev

2007/7/17, Iain Cartwright <iaincartwright at kromestudios.com>:
> I have built a C# class library based on RichTextBox as a drop-in
> ironpython (2.0A2) console for windows forms apps.
> I would like to access the __main__  module from my C# code via an
> IScriptModule but i cannot find a way to do this.
> I have a ScriptModule that represents the host applications object model
> created thus:
>     _pyEngine.CreateModule("ObjectModel", appObjectModel,
> ModuleOptions.PublishModule);
> I tried to retrieve __main__ through the
> PythonEngine.DefaultModuleContext and through:
> ScriptDomainManager.CurrentManager.TryGetScriptModule("__main__", out
> _moduleMain);
> but no luck.  I'm  sure I'm missing something obvious - any ideas?
> Thanks
> iain
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