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Jim Hugunin Jim.Hugunin at microsoft.com
Mon Jul 23 22:39:40 CEST 2007

John Lam announced this morning that we will be accepting external source code contributions into the IronRuby libraries on the standard Ruby open source site, Rubyforge.  In the hours since that announcement a number of people (including Mark, below) have asked if we're going to do the same thing with the IronPython libraries.  Obviously the answer to that question is an enthusiastic yes!  However, we still have work to do to figure out the details and the timing.

In one sense, we already have such a site for IronPython with the fepy project run by Seo Sanghyeon.  This sourceforge project includes many community contributions primarily in the form of libraries that are not a part of the core IronPython release.  Seo also produces very nice complete packages of IronPython and related libraries - particularly for folks running on Linux.  If you're an eager contributor today who'd like to improve IronPython's library support, I suspect that your contributions would be welcome at fepy - although you'd obviously have to ask Seo for a definitive answer here.

In the longer term, we will establish a more official structure so that the community can contribute to more of the IronPython project and so that our "official" releases will include these contributions.  Right now, our fairly small team is still focused on working out the details for our new IronRuby release.  While we're doing this, we don't want to make any changes to disrupt the IronPython project that has been running successfully for over two years.  After the IronRuby sources do in fact go up on Rubyforge, we'll be able to devote the time to talk with folks both within MS and within the Python community to work out the best next step for IronPython to increase our support for community contributors.  I'm sorry this is going to take a little more time and thank you for your patience.

Thanks - Jim

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I see in John Lams announcement of the IronRuby first source code
release (http://www.iunknown.com/2007/07/a-first-look-at.html), they
will be accepting source code contributions into the IronRuby
libraries. So I cannot resist asking if the IronPython will have the
same policy soon for IronPython 2.0 libraries and hopefully IronPython


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