[IronPython] Py 2.5 bindings for SVN 1.4.4

Michael Foord fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk
Wed Jul 25 00:02:16 CEST 2007

Hello Jon,

Almost inevitably the Python SVN bindings will be for CPython and *not* 
work for IronPython (but check this).

Interacting with the executable will be fine for many purposes (we do 
this a bit in our build process to get revision numbers and checkin 
messages etc). No need to go through Powershell though. Use 

Otherwise look for a .NET SVN interface.

Michael Foord

Jon Nicholson wrote:
> I'd like to use IronPython 1.1 to write a deployment script for an 
> upcoming web project. All of the files for the site are stored in an 
> SVN repository. I'm wondering if IronPython is capable of interfacing 
> with the Python 2.5 bindings for SVN 1.4.4. I have everything 
> installed on a sandbox, but so far I have not had any luck so far--but 
> then, I am new to Python (Iron, Bronze, what have you). Does anyone 
> know of a way to do this? As a follow-up question, should I use the 
> SVN API or some other method? All I am really looking to do is read 
> the files to be deployed from an XML file, find the latest version of 
> the corresponding files in the repository, and then FTP these up to 
> the web servers. I basically have been trying to decide among the 
> following three options:
> 1) Use IronPython and the SVN API.
> 2) Use IronPython and Powershell to interact with the svn executable.
> 3) Use IronPython to interact with the console and issue commands to 
> the svn executable.
> Any thoughts on which of these make the most sense?
> Jon
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