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Reflector is your friend:


Whether you see int or System.Int32 in C# code is a matter of aesthetics on the part of the person who wrote the code.  As mentioned elsewhere, int is defined in C# as an alias for the type identifier System.Int32 (see below).  The predefined types are listed in 8.2.1 of the C# spec: 


The predefined Simple types are in 11.1.4:

	Reserved word	Aliased type

	sbyte 		System.SByte
	byte			System.Byte
	short			System.Int16
	ushort		System.UInt16
	int			System.Int32
	uint			System.UInt32
	long			System.Int64
	ulong			System.UInt64
	char			System.Char
	float			System.Single
	double		System.Double
	bool			System.Boolean
	decimal		System.Decimal

typeof is defined in 14.5.11.

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Ok - cool. That's very helpful. I'm still not really used to the idea of 
decompiling assemblies to get this sort of information.

Several of the MSDN examples use 'typeof(int)', why not just specify 
'Int32' ? I guess it makes the code less platform dependent ?? Oh well.

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