[IronPython] SUGGESTION: "Platformized" builds of IP

Dan Shechter dans at houmus.org
Fri Mar 16 05:14:07 CET 2007

Hi all,
I think there is a need, at least for users of x64  IP, to include an
x86 build for the purposed of COM interop and such.

This can be achieved very easily with the VS .csproj files, but I think
Should first come to agree:
a. that it's needed (which should be very obvious for anyone whose
   spent a few hours through the night wondering why he's not able to load 
   his favorite COM object $@#$@#$)
b. On the naming scheme:
   - I *think* that the "default" *.{exe,dll} should remain platform
   - And that a separate "ipy-x86.exe" etc. should be added into a different
c. If possible, I would like future releases to follow this naming scheme...

I know that at a first glance this appears to be very Windows oriented, but
this is actually
Also relevant to Mono when dealing with Platform invocation...


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