[IronPython] IronPython 2.0 Alpha 1 Released

Jim Hugunin Jim.Hugunin at microsoft.com
Tue May 1 06:59:53 CEST 2007

Keep in mind that the DLR is shipped with full sources that same way that IronPython itself is on codeplex.  It should be able to run the full stack on any fully compliant CLI implementation.

In addition to that, with the Silverlight announcements we made today, IronPython is already running on the Microsoft-built .NET runtime in the browser on both Windows and Mac (in an alpha release).  All of John's and my talk tomorrow showing IronPython, IronRuby, JavaScript and VB will be run on a Mac Powerbook inside of Safari.  I'm having fun tonight getting used to the quirks of the Mac keyboard to make that happen.

Thanks - Jim

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2007/5/1, Guy Robinson <info at r-e-d.co.nz>:
> How does the DLR affect IP2.0 on mono platforms? Will IP2.0 only run on
> Windows?

I can't compile IP 2.0a1 with Mono at the moment, but I see no
reason why it can't be done once relevant compiler bugs are fixed and
missing classes and methods implemented.

Seo Sanghyeon
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