[IronPython] Dynamic Language Runtime, Adapters and Navigators

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expanding this a bit, via an IM w/ Seo (this will sound a bit familiar, Seo

personally, I really like the term "agent" as, to me anyway, it adds a later
> of implied security e.g. "to talk to me you must go through my agent"
> it also implies a sense of communication rather than adaptation or
> translation
> I'm a *BIG* fan of Smalltalk, so that's probably where my preference stems
> from

Adding a bit to this, when I think of the CLR I think of CIL, and CIL is,
quite obviously, the Lingua Franca of the .NET platform.  If you can speak
CIL, you can speak to the CLR, and if you can speak to the CLR, you don't
need to do any translation between languages.  The CLR will do that for
you.  Maybe it's the abstractionist in me, but anytime you can take focus
away from a task that sounds difficult (e.g. translation) and focus instead
on what you are truly attempting to accomplish (e.g. communication between
objects), your going to be a more productive programmer as you can stop
thinking in terms of "how can I say this in a way you will understand" and
instead "here's my message.  what say ye in return?" :D

On 5/5/07, M. David Peterson <xmlhacker at gmail.com> wrote:
> agents
> On 5/5/07, Sanghyeon Seo <sanxiyn at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > To all those who are following Dynamic Language Runtime articles on
> > Jim's Thinking Dynamic,
> >
> > I think this article from Attila Szegedi captures the main idea very
> > nicely, and I actually like his terminologies better. (I mean,
> > compared to "One True Object", which sounds rather silly...)
> >
> > Note: Szegedi is the current maintainer of Mozilla Rhino, JavaScript
> > implementation for JVM, so his article uses examples from JVM.
> >
> > In-process cross-language object interaction: adapters or navigators?
> > http://www.szegedi.org/articles/wrappersOrNavigators.html
> >
> > What do you think?
> >
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