[IronPython] Forrester Survey Asks: Python and Garbage Collection Features

Jeff Rush jeff at taupro.com
Wed May 16 16:45:59 CEST 2007

In working on the Forrester Research survey, I've come across two questions to
which I don't know the answer, for Jython and IronPython.  I would like those
two language implementations to be clearly represented in the survey, not just
cPython, and therefore would appreciate help with brief 1 paragraph answers.

I assume their garbage collection capabilities are tied to that underlying
.NET and the JVM, but I'm not technically familiar with those, nor if there
are additional capabilities we should highlight beyond what cPython provides.

Memory management/ Garbage Collection

F30: Advanced Garbage Collection

"Does the language support advanced garbage collection algorithms?"

cPython: uses reference counting, with cycle detection and breaking
it also has weak references (refs to objects that don't keep it from being
collected); GC can be queried for objects still in existence; a collection
cycle can be initiated explicitly; can detect and explicitly break
uncollectables (cycles of isolated objects)

Jython: ??? uses mark-and-sweep ???

IronPython: ???

F31: Tunable Garbage Collection

"Can a developer tune the garbage collection capabilities?"

cPython: the GC can be turned off/on to avoid disruptions to critical timing,
the collection frequency/threshold can be adjusted,

Jython: ???

IronPython: ???


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