[IronPython] Questions about IronPython re Forrester Survey

Sanghyeon Seo sanxiyn at gmail.com
Fri May 18 17:19:08 CEST 2007

2007/5/19, Jeff Rush <jeff at taupro.com>:
> 5) Does IronPython yet run under Mono?  Basically, is IronPython today still
> tied to Windows or is it cross-platform?

Other questions are better answered by IronPython team, but I can
answer this one. IronPython 1.1 runs flawlessly on Mono versions later
than 1.2.3. (But not out of the box on 1.2.2 if I recall correctly.)

Mono 1.2.3 was released 2007-01-31. IronPython 1.1 was released 2007-04-17.

Mono has been able to run IronPython for a long time. For example, the
release note for Mono 1.1.16 (released 2006-07-06) notes that the
release can run IronPython 1.0 Beta 8, then-current version of

It is true that new IronPython releases often exposed problems in Mono
runtime, but they have been quickly fixed. Things have stablized since
the release of IronPython 1.0 Final. That is, new IronPython releases
no longer expose Mono bugs and usually don't need specific fixes.

Well, DLR-based IronPython 2.0 Alpha 1 again exposed bunch of problems
in Mono, but they are now all fixed too.

Seo Sanghyeon

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