[IronPython] Announcing NWSGI

Jeff Hardy jdhardy at gmail.com
Wed Nov 14 03:05:39 CET 2007

Hi all,
I've been wanting to experiment with various Python web frameworks for
a while now, but have been held up by problems getting them to run on
Windows. It's not impossible, but it sure can be tricky. I also wanted
to try running some larger Python apps against IronPython, to help
flush out bugs in IP. I decided to see if I could implement a WSGI
server as an ASP.NET HttpHandler and get some of the frameworks to run
with IronPython. The result was NWSGI.

It works, sort of. You an run very simple applications and any very
simple stuff from Paste, but moving up to larger frameworks causes it
to fall over fairly quickly. I'm not sure all of these are problems
with IronPython; without any docs on the  hosting APIs, I had to make
most of it up as I went along. I'm sure they're are better ways to do
some of the things I did, or that better ways are coming in the
hosting API rewrite.

I'm well aware that the hosting APIs are up for a rewrite soon. I'm
hoping this can serve as a test of the APIs. WSGI is simple but it
makes some interesting requirements of a non-Python host.

I'm also aware of Seo's and others' work on a similar setup for
IronPython 1.0 (included with FePy). The two major differences are
that this is a 2.0-targeted version, and that NWSGI is a pure C#
implementation (the old one uses a Python file for most of the work).

The code and some setup instructions are available at
http://www.codeplex.com/NWSGI (or should be shortly). Any feedback is
greatly appreciated.

Jeff Hardy

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