[IronPython] Installing 3rd-party modules

Howland-Rose, Kyle Kyle.Howland-Rose at aar.com.au
Wed Oct 3 10:10:14 CEST 2007

Hi All,
A newb question (sorry).
Can anyone point me to doco on how to install third-party modules to
IronPython please?  Or alternatively how to access modules installed to
I am attempting to install simpleparse and egenix mx-base with no luck.
Simpleparse has an exe and egenix an .msi.  They install brilliantly to
Python2.4.  They work from there but I can't use them from IP.  The
IRONPYTHONPATH is set correctly but I guess that is not relevant here.

Allens Arthur Robinson online: http://www.aar.com.au
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