[IronPython] Announcement: Project to get some CPython Cextensions running under IronPython

Andy Shah andy at msistone.com
Mon Oct 15 19:49:13 CEST 2007

I am a nobody in this world... but to extend sidnei's second choice.. and the fact that we are extending *C* extensions... how about "CxyPython"
1) We are talkin of eXtending C (Cx)
2) Makes it sexy... (Cxy)
Kind Regards,
Anand Praivn Shah.


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On 10/15/07, Giles Thomas <giles.thomas at resolversystems.com> wrote:
> One further question for this list, before I create a repository and mailing list elsewhere for the project - what should the project be called?  The best one we've come up with in-house is "RustPython" (IronPython, *C* extensions, you get the picture) and I'd be really grateful if someone could come up with a less appalling pun...

Ah, naming. My preferred subject. ;)

Ok, you want it to imply a sense of 'old' or 'rough' or 'rotten' or
'crude', and yet have a cool name. Is 'Python' required to be part of
the name?

The first cool name that came to my mind was 'Monera'. It is a cool
name because it refers (mostly) to prokaryotic organisms (organisms
without a nucleus). It also resembles a bit 'Mono', which might be an
useful association (Monera -> Mono, ah, so this is some thing related
to .NET!).

Another idea would be 'OxyPython', since it's the combination of
Oxygen + Iron is that forms Rust. :)

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