[IronPython] dynamic languages and .net 1.0

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While reflection was there one thing that was missing is good dynamic code generation support.  We got that in v2.0 in the form of DynamicMethods.  That lets us spin up little snippets of code that are fully collectible by the GC so it really enables a lot of scenarios that were difficult or painful before (and interesting enough one impetus for that was SQL server - not exactly what you think of when you think dynamic languages :)).

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On 10/24/07, David Jensen <davidjensen at usa.net<mailto:davidjensen at usa.net>> wrote:
A small question. I assume .net support for dynamic languages, interpreters,
reflection was not in .net 1.0.   Microsoft started as a compiler company and
I thought Bill Gates was strongly in favor of interpreted languages. I thought
it was odd that Microsoft apparently did not supply interpreted languages in
.net 1.0. Is this because "reflection?" was more difficult to implement or
were interpreters a lower priority?

Reflection was fully baked in the initial release of .NET.

Microsoft is pretty good at implementing what its customers are asking for, though obviously they can't achieve instant turnaround.  Don't be misled by the current popularity of dynamic languages; when the CLR was being designed ten years ago, it's likely that none of Microsoft's customers was asking for them.

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