[IronPython] Managed DirectX via IronPython tutorials

Andy Sy andy.sy at neotitans.com
Sun Sep 9 15:20:44 CEST 2007

My 3-part tutorial for how to use MDX via IronPython is
now finally up.  The problem with the IronPython / MDX
tutorials I've seen out there (including the one that
comes with IronPython) are that they all rely on MDX 2.0
for which the DLLs have already time-bombed and no
longer work, thus a return to MDX 1.1 is necessary [1].

Part 1 deals with how to properly import the MDX 1.1
assemblies in case the assemblies for MDX 2.0 lying
around on your system:

Part 2 shows you how to interact with a Direct3D
device while you are on the IronPython command line:

Part 3 shows you how to use the D3DX Sprite class to
display and animate alpha-blended sprites:

[1] MDX 1.1 actually encapsulates a good chunk of DirectX 9
functionality and will be around for a long long time, so
relying on it is not something to worry about.  Additionally,
XNA, the replacement for MDX 2.0 has some annoyances
associated with it as outlined below:


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