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Dave Fugate dfugate at microsoft.com
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It's great to see more tutorials and usage of IronPython, so thanks for putting this out for everyone.  Just in case there's something in the Direct3D tutorial we put out that you do not also cover, our tutorial was updated to work with MDX 1.1 and IronPython 1.0.1.

The DLR Team

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My 3-part tutorial for how to use MDX via IronPython is
now finally up.  The problem with the IronPython / MDX
tutorials I've seen out there (including the one that
comes with IronPython) are that they all rely on MDX 2.0
for which the DLLs have already time-bombed and no
longer work, thus a return to MDX 1.1 is necessary [1].

Part 1 deals with how to properly import the MDX 1.1
assemblies in case the assemblies for MDX 2.0 lying
around on your system:

Part 2 shows you how to interact with a Direct3D
device while you are on the IronPython command line:

Part 3 shows you how to use the D3DX Sprite class to
display and animate alpha-blended sprites:

[1] MDX 1.1 actually encapsulates a good chunk of DirectX 9
functionality and will be around for a long long time, so
relying on it is not something to worry about.  Additionally,
XNA, the replacement for MDX 2.0 has some annoyances
associated with it as outlined below:


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