[IronPython] Problem with 3 modules, classes and missing attributes

Pjerrot janrou at gmail.com
Sun Apr 6 12:55:57 CEST 2008

Thank you for the answer!

I conclude, that I have to read up carefully on python modules and

Yes! IronPython studio generates really bad code. The studio is not at
all mature. Serious refactoring have to be done, before it is a good
start point for Python beginners like me.

This is the third major issue I encountered using IronPython Studio.
First it uses __slots__. You can not add variables to the form class
and keep to design the form. The __slots__ content is only and only
for the the added window controls.
Secondly it has confused me about import and bad namespace structuring
using classes.
Thirdly the editor creates compiler errors .The tabs are not handled
carefully, so the editor shows wrong indents resulting in indention
compiler errors. The problem became smaller after I set up all tabs to
be spaces and set the tabs to 60 spaces. Then it was easy to see,
where the bad tabulated indents were.
An upcoming issue is the appartment model for ActiveX and COM-
components. I have seen flashes of error messages notifying about
wrong appartment for the webbrowser control. It came, when I try to
start a worker thread beside the main window  thread running

The project and file handling is as usual excellent for Visual
Studio's and you can very easy design windows form layouts. I copy the
form designs to another python console application project deleting
the __slots__, namespace classes and review the imports. The studio is
a magnet for beginners used to work with Visual Studio for Basic, C#
and other language.

I have posted these isues to the IronPython project on Codeplex.


On 6 Apr., 02:13, Michael Foord <fuzzy... at voidspace.org.uk> wrote:
> Hello Pjerrot,
> Unfortunately the layout of code created by Visual Studio IronPython (do
> you mean IronPython Studio or Visual Studio Professional?) is a
> *terrible* way to write Python.
> It effectively matches the semantics of C#, but you should not replicate
> it yourself - do not contain your classes inside a namespace class.
> Additionally, do not use the 'from XXX import *' - but instead
> explicitly import the names you want to use.
> I don't say the last point out of dogma - I think if you make that
> change you will immediately see what is wrong with the code.
> All the best,
> Michael Foordhttp://www.ironpythoninaction.com/

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