[IronPython] Trying to use the library preppy from reportlib in ironpython and silverlight

Vineet Jain (gmail) vinjvinj at gmail.com
Sun Apr 6 19:14:38 CEST 2008

>>I'm not familiar with preppy - but IronPython doesn't support loading or 
>>saving compiled Python bytecode files (IronPython uses a different 
>>bytecode format altogether).

But that is not the problem. If I have the following string

python_source = """
def function test_dynamic():
	return 1

How do I load this function at run time and be able to call the function
Some_module.test_dynamic(), also  more importantly, can this be done in

>>You also can't write to the filesystem from Silverlight. You can read 
>>files that are contained in the '.xap' file (your dynamic application) - 
>>but you have to use 'file' rather than 'open'.

I'm less worried about this, since I can modify the preppy module so that
File system is not needed. 

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