[IronPython] Updates for 1.1.2

Michael Foord fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk
Thu Apr 17 14:00:39 CEST 2008

More candidates.

These have affected us at Resolver:

#10983 Reading files in text mode reads chars > 0x7F as '?'
SyntaxError doesnt get lineno (or other properties) when created by user 
#14882 Trivial: Implement float.__lt__(float) (and friends...)
#10709 Using lambda in class definition will add <lambda$..> into the 
class's dictionary
#11133 Implicit conversion operators not supported
#7011 Caching of generated IL to disk for packages

These look like good ones to backport as well:

#11487 __str__ does not call __repr__ in new style classes
#10291 calling base class __call__ invokes constructor instead
#2443 problem with __slots__ and __init__ in new-style classes
#11812 dir(bool), dir(True), dir(False) raise SystemError on startup
#1402 try-finally has an issue in generator
#10580 "type in (None,)" throws a SystemError
#8361 Trivial: popen shouldn't open new window
#2704 __import__ and packages aren't mixing well
#8780 Removes the inexistent file did not throw OSError in IP
#8297 range w/ large negative number produces incorrect results
#9351 int() doesn't convert representable longs to int
#3117 dict.update doesn't take keyword arguments - differs from CPython
#4197 Trivial: int('0x20', 16) fails to parse, long too
#4322 unpacking single element tuples in for-statement, listcomp and 
#5447 socket.getnameinfo(...) broken under Vista
#5083 operator.__contains__ is broken
#13686 Using setattr with modules
#13651 importing package with imp module
#5801 Class with slots and getattr not compatible
#14861 Value types don't work when a function is called twice

I hope that gives you enough to work on...


Michael Foord wrote:
> Hello all,
> Off the top of my head the only bugfixes I can *remember* that I would 
> like to see in 1.1.2 are:
> * Compiled regular expression perf fix
> * Further socket fixes
> * Tuple hashing improvement
> * PyCF_DONT_IMPLY_DEDENT (or whatever it was) support in compile
> * Array objects don't have methods when clr not imported (I don't 
> *think* this was addressed in 1.1.1 but may be wrong)
> I'll try and look through and see if I can spot some more.
> Michael
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