[IronPython] IP as a Macro Language

Dave Moor d.moor at sim-soft.co.uk
Fri Apr 18 11:00:42 CEST 2008


I am trying to use IronPython as a macro language in out C# modelling 
application.  I'm currently using VS2005 and .Net2 for the main 
application and using IronPython 1.1 as the macro engine.

My problem is, I can create a form entirely in IP but I can't seem to 
get it added as a MDIChild to the main application, and when the form is 
closed the form's timer is still running in the background requesting 
data from the main application.

My first attempt at solving this was to create a host form on the C# 
side (including the timer) an load a panel written in IP, this worked 
(loaded and drew the form) but the panel does not seem to respond to 
update requests from the C# form.

I gather from this list that IP has problems destroying C# objects it 
has instantiated and I assume that it has problems responding to events 
triggered from the CLR side.  Will the above problems be eased/fixed in 
version 2 or am I as well persevering with version 1.1 for the time being?

I'd appreciate an advice you can offer me.

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