[IronPython] Compiled IronPython mixed with source files

Dino Viehland dinov at microsoft.com
Mon Dec 8 18:50:56 CET 2008

I think you can depend upon this behavior.  Compiled loader support is implemented as a meta path hook and therefore the pure Python version of this looks like:

import sys

class my_loader(object):
                def find_module(self, fullname, path):
                                print 'find', fullname
                                if fullname == 'foo': return module_loader()

class module_loader(object):
                def load_module(self, fullname):
                                print 'load', fullname
                                if fullname == 'foo':
                                                res = __import__('x')
                                                sys.modules['foo'] = res
                                                res.__name__ = 'foo'
                                                res.__path__ = ['foo']
                                                return res


from foo import foo
from foo.bar import bar

On disk x is a package which has your 1st package structure, foo is a package which has your 2nd package structure.  The loader hook in this case is importing x, renaming it to foo, and then it doesn't resolve foo.bar.  That turns into a full lookup and the importer rules dictate that we'll happily look on disk because foo appears to be a parent package.  This outputs the same on CPython and IronPython so I'm pretty sure we're correct here :)

As to the identity of the modules - the compiled modules always win because the meta path hooks get to execute first.  So you'll only ever successfully import compiled modules if they exist.  So while you can augment an existing package you cannot replace files from it.

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Hi all,

In our work to get Resolver One working on IronPython 2, we've noticed this interesting behaviour and would like to know whether it's defined behaviour that we can rely on or just happenstance.

Create a package with the following structure:
+ foo

where foo.py contains
print "foo (compiled)"

and compile it to foo.dll.

Now change foo.py to
print "foo (not compiled)"

and add a bar package:
+ foo
|---+ bar
    |--- __init__.py
    |--- bar.py

where bar contains:
print "bar (not compiled)"

then, the following code:
import clr
from foo import foo
from foo.bar import bar

bar (not compiled)

and removing the AddReference line outputs:
foo (not compiled)
bar (not compiled)

This makes it clear that we can have a package that is split between compiled dll and source and that they work together.

Can we rely on this behaviour? Is there a specified order in which imports from different sources are resolved? How is the multiple identity of the foo module (compiled and not compiled) handled?


Glenn & Michael

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