[IronPython] Announcing IronPython 2.0

Sylvain Hellegouarch sh at defuze.org
Wed Dec 10 22:53:35 CET 2008

Congratulations to everyone who made it happen. That's fantastic news :)

- Sylvain

Dave Fugate a écrit :
> Hello Python Community,
> The IronPython and Dynamic Language Runtime teams are proud to 
> announce the release of IronPython 2.0 final. IronPython 2.0 is the 
> culmination of nearly two years worth of work resulting in a CPython 
> 2.5 compatible release on .NET 2.0 SP1. By far, the biggest change to 
> 2.0 is that our 1.1 codebase was refactored to run on top of the 
> Dynamic Language Runtime <http://www.codeplex.com/dlr>. With this we 
> automatically get improvements in many feature areas such as better 
> .NET interop support and hosting Python from managed code. There have 
> been many other major improvements as well. The most notable are:
> · An MSI installer for Windows platforms which includes parts of the 
> CPython 2.5 standard library
> · IronPython assemblies targeting Silverlight and tools such as Chiron 
> to improve the Silverlight dynamic development experience
> · The addition of more C-based standard modules such as /cmath/ and 
> /_winreg/
> · Significant improvements in importing compatibility and features
> · Distribution of IronPython under the Microsoft Public License which 
> has been approved by OSI
> · Performance improvements. On that note, a new Wiki page has been 
> created for IronPython performance reports - see 
> http://www.codeplex.com/IronPython/Wiki/View.aspx?title=IronPython%20Performance
> · Over 500 bugs have been closed in 2.0. 453 of these were reported on 
> CodePlex
> · Support for precompilation of Python source files into a single dll
> This seems like an opportune time to remind everyone that we fix bugs 
> based on the number of votes they have on CodePlex. As we’re planning 
> on releasing IronPython 2.0.1 fairly soon, please vote for your 
> favorite bugs at 
> http://www.codeplex.com/IronPython/WorkItem/AdvancedList.aspx to help 
> ensure they get fixed in time for the next release.
> We’d like to extend our gratitude to everyone in the IronPython 
> community who reported bugs thereby making this a better release: 
> milind, romank, chadaustin, sjmachin, davidfraser, TimothyFitz, 
> drewid, sanxiyn, bashmohandes, pobrien, perhaps, haypo, Undebtedly, 
> ayarrow, tscottw_cp, rope, arman0, eshaish, nivaldo, fuzzyman, 
> CurtHagenlocher, Eloff, brucec, py_sunil, jacobg23, mziller, 
> beaugunderson, gbraad, Oceanborn, tarlano, jbevain, glchapman, 
> anthonybaxter, jdhardy, jjlee, haibo, doubleyewdee, jackeyoo, whit537, 
> sdahlbac, PeteHufnagel, jtenney, nriley, junfeng, grizlupo, rridge, 
> lewisle, JoelBondurant, johnplatt, lthompson, debackerl, googen, 
> tscottw, VoteFw, leppie, Qvin, heyssion2, CriGoT, baxeno, sbergman, 
> Laurion, luntain, oldman, christmas, 05031972, kevgu, wilberforce, 
> Korbinian, lclj, sorokerr, Eriol, tatwright, ais, TraumaPony, 
> pelikhan, asafk, felixpollan, srid, atifaziz, vernondcole, fwereade, 
> zpy, yanne, facorreia, Daneel, zvikag, psykotic, Cavingdeep, BEaton, 
> sborde, orbital56, fbourgeois, antont, krosavcheg, ktc1, awilkins, 
> ben2004uk, paulfelix, axl, JeffreySax, Lawouach, and KKI.
> You can download IronPython 2.0 at: 
> http://www.codeplex.com/IronPython/Release/ProjectReleases.aspx?ReleaseId=8365
> The IronPython Team
> Updates to the IronPython 1.0 samples will be released shortly. Stay 
> tuned to the IronPython mailing list for details.
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