[IronPython] Newbie Questions

Giulio Petrucci giulio.petrucci at gmail.com
Thu Dec 11 09:42:10 CET 2008

Hi Dino,

first of all, thanks for your reply

2008/12/5 Dino Viehland <dinov at microsoft.com>:
> You can add a reference to the assembly and then import both the class and the enum.  For example:
> import clr
> clr.AddReference('MyLibrary')
> from MyLibrary import MyClass, MyEnum
> MyClass().SomeMethod(MyEnum.SomeValue)

Ok, I've just tested it and everything seems to work fine.

> The 2nd question... is this an app.exe.config file that you're reading?  If so this might be helpful:
> http://www.devnewsgroups.net/group/microsoft.public.dotnet.framework.windowsforms/topic64732.aspx

I couldn't realize actually the utility of the article. I'll try to
explain my problem wit a litlle bit more of words. I've created a .NET
library which reads some settings in the application configuration
file. The library isn't actually used by any Console/WinForm/whatever
application, but I just want to test it using the IronPython
interactive console. So I created a MyLibrary.dll.config file, I run
the IronPython console and I add the reference to my library. How can
I "force" my library to read the proper .config file? Can I explicitly
load a .config file?

Thanks in advance,

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