[IronPython] Newbie: convert string to python expression??

xkrja kristian.jaksch at gmail.com
Tue Dec 16 17:13:03 CET 2008


I'm using Ironpython with Silverlight so I can't get access to Windows.Forms

Please bear with me :-) New stuff's showing up all the time. The solution
you proposed worked but there must be something I don't get with the scope.
Please look at my snippet below:

import clr, sys
clr.AddReference("Mapack, Version=, Culture=neutral,
from Mapack import *

def inputBox_KeyDown(s, e):
  key = e.Key.value__
  result = root.inputBox.Text
  if key == 3: #If 'Enter' key is pressed
               root.message.Text = eval(result)
           except SyntaxError:
              exec result in context
       except Exception, e:
           print 'Unhandled exception', e
       root.inputBox.Text = ""                  
       m = Matrix(2,2)                 #NOTICE: If I hard code this
definition in the function it works
       print m                            #but if I try to type
m=Matrix(2,2) in inputBox it says:
                                            #"Matrix is not defined"

I can create an object of the Matrix()-class if I code it straight into the
function as shown in my snippet above but I can't type m=Matrix(2,2) in the
'inputBox' and then execute it. Then I get an exception: "Matrix is not

How can I work around this?

Thanks very much!

Michael Foord-5 wrote:
> Oh - and Windows Forms has a Keys enumeration so that you don't have to 
> rely on the underlying value of the event key property.
> from System.Windows.Forms import Keys
> if e.Key == Keys.Enter:
> (or something like that - check out the MSDN documentation for the 
> enumeration.)
> Michael Foord

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