[IronPython] DLR, OS X/Linux & other languages

Andy Sy andy.sy at neotitans.com
Sat Dec 27 19:47:09 CET 2008

Alcides Fonseca wrote:

> Em 2008/12/26, às 19:05, Miha Valencic escreveu:
>> <thinking outloud/>
>> DLR is a subset of CLR, with specific improvements for dynamic 
>> languages (dynamic call sites, dispatch and whatnot). At least that's 
>> how I understand it.
> That's not exactly correct. Silverlight has this thing called CoreCLR, 
> and that's what implements the subset of the CLR.
> DLR is another layer on top of the CLR (although I believe it is going 
> to be included in a future version). The DLR adds support for dynamic 
> stuff on the CLR (both the desktop and the CoreCLR).

Just to add in my 2 cents...

The way I understand DLR's purpose is... a language like IronPython
could be implemented on top of the CLR directly (and this is actually
the case with IronPython v1.x ).

However, dynamic languages like Python and Ruby share some commonalities
and thus it made sense to create yet another shared layer on top of the
CLR that provides facilities addressing those commonalities.

Thus implementors of dynamic languages - Ruby, Python and other future
ones - can just reuse the stuff provided by the DLR rather than
reinventing certain wheels.

So I believe IronRuby and IronPython 2.x are already being built on
top of the DLR?

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