[IronPython] IronPython 1.1.1 RC 1

Dave Fugate dfugate at microsoft.com
Tue Jan 15 20:34:47 CET 2008

Hello IronPython Community,

I'm pleased to announce the release of IronPython 1.1.1 Release Candidate 1.  For this release we fixed the most requested CodePlex bugs and also a handful of trivial bugs.  In total around twenty bugs have been resolved for 1.1.1 RC1.  Additionally, an issue that was reported directly on the IronPython mailing list was fixed - testComparingClrObjects (see http://lists.ironpython.com/htdig.cgi/users-ironpython.com/2008-January/006171.html for details).  Assuming no major issues are discovered in this build, we hope to rerelease it as IronPython 1.1.1 in a couple of weeks.  Please let us know if you encounter any issues as soon as possible.

We'd like to thank everyone in the community for your bug reports and suggestions that helped make this a better release:  Seo Sanghyeon. Pobrien, Giles Thomas, sdahlbac, grizlupo, Tony Djordjevski, ayarrow, Michael Foord, milind, Kristof Wagemans, and Jan Szumiec.

You can download IronPython 1.1.1 RC 1 from http://www.codeplex.com/IronPython/Release/ProjectReleases.aspx?ReleaseId=9910.

The IronPython Team

Complete list of bug fixes:

*         10825 Sockets and Standard Library Modules in IronPython

*           5682 System.Single boolean ops w/ integer types broken

*           7594 type.__call__ always passes type(type) as 1st parameter

*           6332 DataGridView doesn't support a list of Python class instances as its DataSource

*           6489 Backslash on the interactive console causes syntax error

*           8246 Bug in handling of keyword arguments for __call__   (resolver request)

*           7987 Trivial: help(clr.AddReference) not helpful

*           9262 not override __eq__ at derived float Title is required

*           9807 When a .DLL exists we may improperly try to load it as a pre-compiled module when we should load it as a .NET DLL

*           9453 += works differently on lists

*          10474 Need to ignore null paths in sys.path

*         11759 Zero-length regex split

*           2206 with statement broken in commandline

*           2248 Missing debug information for IL offset 0 of generated methods

*           3529 Trivial: int.__int__ does not exist

*           6266 re.compile(...).match(...) does not permit certain integer pos/endpos keyword parameter values

*           6271 re.compile(...).match(...).groupdict() broken WRT to unnamed groups

*           6272 re.compile(...).match(...).endpos has an incorrect value

*           6273 re.sub(..., "...\?...", ...) broken

*           6275 re.match(..., ...).regs is nearly always incorrect

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