[IronPython] WinForms UserComponent binding a IronPythonConsole

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Generally speaking you want to do 2 things:

1.       Wire up std out / std err to a stream you can send to your window.  You can do this via PythonEngine.SetStandardOutput/PythonEngine.SetStandardInput.  You could also wire up std-in but that'll be less important (it's only going to matter if someone calls something like raw_input).

2.       When you get input from the user call PythonEngine.ExecuteToConsole("input")

Between those two you should have your console up and running.  The IConsole interface is actually just used by the command line implementation and isn't part of the hosting APIs.  That's why you're not finding it anywhere on the engine - the linked blog came before IronPython 1.0.

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I've been enjoying using IronPython.

I'm now going to embed it in my C# WinForms application to provide a way for users to perform simple ad-hoc scripting. Unfortunately this has been less easy than I thought it would be!

I've built a subclass of TextBox that I can use to display and input the text coming to/from my user. Now I just need to connect it to a PythonEngine.

In the article at http://blogs.msdn.com/jmstall/archive/2005/09/01/Howto_embed_ironpython.aspx, one gets the impression that a PythonEngine has a MyConsole property where one can connect an IConsole. Perfect! Unfortunately, that's not the case on my 1.1 build.

Digging through the source I find that this stuff exists on IronPythonConsole, but that class appears to be designed for use statically.

Before I go to the trouble of ripping apart IronPythonConsole and likely reinventing the wheel, is there something I'm missing here?



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