[IronPython] Another deployment question...

Bob Rosembob brosembob at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 1 16:21:14 CEST 2008

One script that I'm using is a third party code and they would prefere me to use the compiled version of it. Is there a way to compile it?
Please advise.
Bob Rosembob wrote:
>Hi there,
>I have a couple of questions.
>1. If I'm using IronPython to call Python function from my C# app. 
>What do I need to deploy my project?
>I added references to my project to the following dlls:
>  /
>In the code I'm using the following:
>/using IronPython.Runtime;
>using IronPython.Runtime.Types;
>using IronPython.Runtime.Operations;
>using IronPython.Modules;/
>  /
>The script imports:
>and other
>2. In order to run the script I had to copy imported libraries into >directory where my exe is.  For some reason if I copy the compiled 
>version of the files (e.g. string.pyc, sys.pyc, etc.) my script won't 
>find them. It can see only none-compiled files. Why is it? What should >I do to be able run all script files (py) as compiled (pyc)?

Those compiled files are compiled into bytecode for the CPython VM. They 
will never run on the .NET framework.

What is wrong with using the '.py' source files?


>Please advise.

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