[IronPython] Hosting API and PlatformAdaptationLayer

Orian, Helmut helmut.orian at schema.de
Tue Jun 10 12:59:30 CEST 2008

At the moment I am hosting IronPython and IronRuby using the sources
from the Silverlight2beta1 SDK which I recompiled to work against .NET
2.0 because it is the latest build of the DLR I found where both
projects work with a common Microsoft.Scripting.dll.

We have a client-server architecture and all our config-files and other
script language files (like xsl and some own languages :-) are stored
and versioned in our central application server instead of a harddisk.

For the initial python script I want to execute this was no problem, but
to get the import statement of python ('require' in ruby) to work I
implemented a class deriving from
Microsoft.Scripting.PlatformAdaptationLayer. This implementation worked
perfectly for me, but I have not found a way to bootstrap ScriptRuntime
and ScriptHost with my implementation by using the current public API in

I had to use an own implementation derived from ScriptHost to inject my
derived PlatformAdaptationLayer instance with (ugly) reflection into the

It would be nice if I could set/use my derived PlatformAdaptationLayer
instance by public API.



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