[IronPython] How do I set assembly information in IronPython?

Pigneri, Rocco rpigneri at LavaStorm.com
Mon Jun 16 18:06:57 CEST 2008

I'm not sure if this is related at all, but since no one else has
replied, I thought that I would supply it in case it puts you on the
right path.

The Al.exe (the Assembly Linker) is a .NET tool that adds an assembly
manifest--a document that contains all the information that you are
concerned about--to a module, or an assembly without a manifest.  You
can find the MSDN page here:


Again, this does seem a little tangential, but perhaps it will point you
in the right direction.


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Michael Foord-5 wrote:
> What error do you get on the other machine? Does the program work when

> run from source with IronPython on the other machine?
> Michael Foord

You got me to the answer. The source worked fine on the second machine,
so I
read through the Pyc readme again.

_Now_ I know what this line in the Pyc readme means:"The compiled
executables require the presence of IronPython.dll and IronMath.dll in
current directory." The _executable_ needs them. I thought it was just
making the executable that they needed to be present. 

So that explains the following:
I was getting the "Error Signature" alert box with the usual "there was
unpleasantness..." if I ran it straight from the desktop. I popped it
my IronPython directory on the other machine it worked. Now I know why:
because the DLLs were in there.

Great! Now, back to the housekeeping part of my question. How do I get
Version, Creator, etc. into my app properly? I guess there's some kind
dynamic heady goodness going on, but "Version" looks a little

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