[IronPython] XmlDocument or XDocument in Python/Silverlight

Jonathan Slenders jonathan at slenders.be
Tue Jun 17 23:40:30 CEST 2008


It seems that XmlDocument isn't available in Silverlight. The Linq dll
("System.Xml.Linq.dll") is listed between the client libraries, but when I
add them to my Silverlight manifest file
and try:

from System.Xml.Linq import XDocument

The following error occurs: "ManagedRuntimeError, SetProperty failed"

What's the recommended way to query XML documents? A good XML library is
essential at the client for doing AJAX (in our case: APAX), I wonder in the
first place why XmlDocument isn't in Silverlight by default.
I don't want to use a SAX parser like XmlReader.


PS: When the XML parsing works, I can present a working APAX example for
querying a mysql database. It returns row after row every time the client
does a request for the next row. The javascript version works, and I'm
porting it now to Silverlight/IronPython.
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