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Jonathan Slenders jonathan at slenders.be
Wed Jun 18 13:54:19 CEST 2008


I got my first APAX code working, and I'm actually a little proud about it.
The webpage contains a Silverlight control at the client, which queries a
database at the server through APAX. It parses the result with the Linq
library and inserts them into the DOM. The server publishes an XML API, and
the client can request row after row. When the client need e.g. 10 rows, the
API returns only 10 rows, and later on, the client can request the following
10 until the connection has been closed.

The code at the server is based on a template. So, if one needs to publish
an API for another database table. He creates a new page based on the
mysql-database-xml-api master page and sets a few variables like dbtable,
The Silverlight control is also based on my silvelight-xap master page which
creates the xap file on the fly when requested. The code for the API
however, isn't yet abstracted.

The current version of Python Pages is installed and running at the
following URL. It uses Silverlight 2, beta 2.


Click the "test pages" link and then "silverlight client", or "javascript
At the bottom of each page, a link "view source code" is available. Feel
free to click them and see the server side code.
You may also want to look at the documentation, and other test pages.

In the Administration page, please don't click the "self test" button more
then once. What it does is rendering all the pages in the framework and
generating an overview of which pages do and which don't work. (Pretty heavy
for my little server.) The web based debugger shows the breakpoints, but
also isn't fully implemented -- just don't waste too much time there now.

I hope it's worth something. At least, I can't find anyone who's done this
before in IPy.


PS: I didn't yet receive an answer for my last two questions, so if someone
knowns about this... (document.createTextNode() and using iterators in IPy
to walk through a Linq element container)

PS2: Please don't abuse my home server. The Internet connection isn't that
fast, and the server itself isn't too. :)
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