[IronPython] LeeBeLLuL speak now with IronRuby

Gerard Mulot g.mulot at free.fr
Mon Jun 30 23:56:36 CEST 2008

A simple demo is available to download at  <http://www.leebellul.com>
http://www.leebellul.com showing
How to use infopath forms in the hosting browser
How to use xsl and xml to generate dynamic menus
How to interact between Javascript and IronRuby
How to interact between IronRuby and Javascript
How to interact with the CLR
        To send email
        To launch command batch file to publish file via the command dos FTP
        To use dialog forms
        To use the system.data.oleDb to intercat with access mdb
How to interact with the DLR and multiple ScriptScope
The same demo is also available in IronPython. The translation between
IronPyton and IronRuby was easy. No attempt has been done to optimize the


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