[IronPython] Integration: now I am totally confused

Dave Fugate dfugate at microsoft.com
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IronPythonStudio is developed by Clarius Consulting Labs (http://www.codeplex.com/clarius), and I'm a little unsure as to whether they monitor this list.  Have you tried contacting them directly about your question(s)?  If not, I found an email address (info at clariusconsulting.net<mailto:info at clariusconsulting.net>) on their site that might be helpful.

An alternative you might want to also try is using the IronPython Community Technology Preview for ASP.NET (http://www.asp.net/ironpython/).  This installs directly into the full release version of Visual Studio 2008,  is based on IronPython 2.0 Alpha 1 or 2, and provides features such as Python intellisense for VS.

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I have read through ALL the posts that mention integration of Iron Python into Visual Studio and I have to admit that I am now more confused than before I started. From my perspective it seems that the IP website actually exacerbates the confusion by NOT stating the obvious.

Just so you know: I want to know if the latest beta version (IP v2.00 or any version) integrates into the full release version Visual Studio 2008 and I can't find a clear cut answer to this question anywhere!

Sure, I have read the Iron Python Studio page and yes, I do know that you can build a standalone VS look-a-like [isolated] version running in a Visual Studio Shell - which is fine if you don't have Visual Studio installed. But what if you do? I have Visual Studio 2008 installed - so does IP automatically integrate with it upon installation? If it doesn't what do I have to do to get it to happen without wrecking my Visual Studio installation?

For example, Microsoft says that you can get IP working in BOTH isolated AND integrated modes ???? Is this still true of the latest release candidates ? Visual Studio 2008 Shell (Isolated) is listed as a "prerequisite" for Python Studio .... which obviously doesn't look like it will work if you have VS 2008 already installed. So can you use Visual Studio Shell (Integrated) instead?? So many questions .... so few answers. (it sort of looks like we haven't advanced much beyond the days when IP was first offered as an "Integrated" component of Visual Studio --- which sort of worked sometimes ... a little bit ... if you were really lucky.

There seems to be such a mass of conflicting information out there which is all so unnecessary - all it takes is for one of the developers to post a clear and unequivocal statement about this issue on IP website. Problem solved! If IP integrates right now then fine .... if it doesn't then I will wait until it does. What I can't afford to do is stuff up my current VS installation experimenting with something that I have no idea is going to work or not.

Thanks in anticipation for any forthcoming "enlightenment"!
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