[IronPython] DLR/ToyScript: Parser generator?

Lee Culver leculver at microsoft.com
Thu Mar 13 19:38:43 CET 2008

Forgive the wide audience, there's not really a DLR mailing list...

I've been reading through Martin Maly's blog and I've enjoyed it, though I've noticed it glossed over one issue...how the ToyScript parser/lexer was created.  I've dug through the source of and they look hand written, as does the IronPython parser/lexer.  Are all of these hand written or is there some tool you use to write them?

Does anyone know of a good parser generator for .Net?  I've been wanting to play with the DLR some, but I don't want to pay the up-front price of writing a parser if I can help it.  I've seen MPLEX/MPPG, but they seem a bit under-documented.

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