[IronPython] DLR group?

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Fri Mar 14 17:40:53 CET 2008

Thanks Nick and Bill.  I have been looking into the CLR internals for
a while now.  I will take a look at the documentation links as well.
I assume that any of the classic compiler texts (Aho, Appel) would be
sufficient for taking apart the ToyScript language?  Or does the DLR
have a framework for interpreting built in?  I know the VS SDK has
tools like MPLEX and the DSL tools for languages.  Does the DLR have
something similar or is it worth a homegrown implementation?

Thanks! :-)

On Mar 14, 9:40 am, Bill Chiles <bill... at microsoft.com> wrote:
> We are embarrassingly light on docs right now.  blogs.msdn.com/mmaly has a series of posts going through the ToyScript sample language and explaining mechanism used by language implementers on the DLR.  That would help you then to jump into the IPy sources from Codeplex.  blogs.msdn.com/Hugunin has some older posts with some overview material of the DLR.  http://compilerlab.members.winisp.net/dlr-spec-hosting.docis the spec for how to host the DLR in your application, and a slightly outdated tour of using the APIs in a mock tool is athttp://compilerlab.members.winisp.net/hosting-tour.doc.
> Cheers,
> Bill
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> Please excuse me if this is the wrong place to post this.  I am very
> interested in how the DLR itself works.  I have not been able to find
> a great deal about it though.  Perhaps I am not looking in the right
> places.  I am trying to find out also if this is something I can learn
> without going back to school because the only place that is doing this
> kind of work is Microsoft and my experience with most schools is that
> they are very anti-Microsoft so I would end up working on UNIX all the
> time.  Not that I have anything against UNIX, I just like to have
> other options.  Anyway (please excuse the tangent) I have purchased
> used copies of several compiler and programming language texts (Aho,
> Appel, Scott, Sebesta) off of Amazon as well as books about the CLR
> (Gough, Box, Richter, Miller) to help me out.  That's my background.
> Being already well-versed in Python and Ruby, I would like to see how
> things work from the inside now.  Any pointers would be greatly
> appreciated.
> Thanks! :-)
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