[IronPython] ScriptRuntime.Globals

Ivan Porto Carrero ivan at flanders.co.nz
Tue Mar 18 22:35:28 CET 2008


I'm working my way through the DLR hosting spec.

And in the spec docs there is a distinction between 3 levels of hosting. Now
in the case of IronRuby I tried hosting it with level one hosting and all I
can get to work is executing ruby files.
Whatever i put in ScriptRuntime.Globals doesn't matter because it looks like
I can't get to it.

What is the function of ScriptRuntime.Globals ? How do I access it?
Why do ScriptScopes exist ? I saw that ScriptRuntime.Globals is a
ScriptScope, so I guess that's the default script scope.  From what I
understand from the DLR spec is that it should give you a context for
running a script with it's own variables etc. but globals are shared by the
entire runtime.

Is there somebody that can explain me what I'm not getting?

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